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Case Studies

The Client: a 350 - beds multispecialty hospital in Cochin, serving more than 800 out patients per day.

The Need: The client hospital has always had a commitment to quality with a strong infrastructure in place to support improvement efforts. However, it did not have a systemic way to make sense of all the information that can contribute to improved quality and reduced waiting times. The hospital management recognized that the information it needed for improvements was buried in a pile of paperwork, which it couldn’t possibly keep up with. Their existing MRD area, where they kept their medical records exceeded the space limit and they couldn’t afford to find an additional space for keeping new records. Keeping this in mind, the client has approached us to identify a solution that would help them.

Facts Found in the Initial Study:

The client wanted to find a way to decrease the delay that occurred between an event and the actions taken to prevent future events. After careful consideration of all the above said facts and gap analysis made by our team, we’ve implemented MEDIWARE Hospital Management System in the hospital during the year 2004.

The Outcome:
Reduced costs, higher revenue!
MEDIWARE AT WORK: Profits from Pharmacy

The conversion to e-Prescribing has been smooth and pain- less for the hospital. Users came up to speed quickly, and the practice began to immediately benefit from the efficiencies, mobility and deep feature set by the new system. Patients are better served at pharmacies. The impact on bottom line productivity has been impressive, quickly ramping up to significantly higher levels of general productivity and profitability.

MEDIWARE AT WORK: Profit from the laboratory

MEDIWARE AT MRD: Profits & Benefits

The security and redundancy in storing those electronic records to MEDIWARE eliminated the need for filing and storing paper records. Reports and other documents related to a particular patient or encounter are now scanned and attached to the record.


With the same human resources, facilities, space and time the hospital is now proudly handling 1500 outpatients per day. The revenue growth from this alone is 100% as compared to pre- HIS implementation period.


Over a period of 16 months, the hospital has recovered the investment of INR 12 million towards the hardware and software purchase. After the full ROI (return on investment), they enjoy INR 6 millions as profit gained every year from Mediware’s efficient systems in place. As the infrastructure grows, the cascading effect of the software implementation will reap them more profits.

We are proud; we made a real difference!


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